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      How it all started

      When we first came across the preserved roses we couldn't believe it; real roses that last up to a year? Surely, that can't be true! But if this is real, this could be an opportunity!

      We wanted to get started with the preserved roses, but only with the highest quality available. When we found our supplier, Diana Carolina was on a plane to Ecuador in no time to see the company, inspect the preservation process and meet the people behind the company. She absolutely loved what she saw and couldn't wait to get the first samples.

      End 2015 the first shipment landed in Australia. We were the first to land preserved roses in Australia and therefore we still had to create a market for the preserved roses. We did this in several different ways; we organized in cooperation with a major florist an "Enchanted Rose Night" to introduce the preserved roses, we also approached florist to stock the product and also handed out some samples to a large group of florist that attended a floral event from international floral designer Karen Tran.

      Slowly but surely the preserved roses gained traction and in a short period of time we were supplying Australia wide.

      Because we have been getting lots of request from New Zealand we felt that now is the right time to expand and set up shop in New Zealand and we can't explain how excited we are that we are finally getting started here!